PLanet Birdsong

Planet Birdsong is an inspirational  concept of Peter Cowdray and team who visited us in 2013

to explore how birdsong could be used to help non verbal young adults. We visited a bird sanctuary and recorded birdsong and returned to the Barn to process the recordings using a piece of software that would visualise the sound as a spectrogram.

By slowing the sound down by a factor of 10 the sounds became audible in the human voice range and our students were encouraged to mimic these sounds. Once recorded and played back at 10x speed, the recordings could be played back to the birds who would respond to the calls.

That's the theory. We have done this with Home Ed teams and school students but as an addition of our own we have designed a 'parabolic' microphone mount that will convert any standard mic into a very sensitive long distance microphone.

Then we take the recordings and make compositions with them. The sonograms can be used in artworks and laser cut into craft products. Imagine that - a Goldfinch-call lamp shade . . .Great fun.