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Young Designers

Young Designers

Learn how to think clearly and make sound decisions with logical reasoning. Learn to ask good questions. Learn to make high quality products that meet the needs of other people. This is the life of a designer - strategies for life. This is very much about people because things we make need to serve people. We love good design and learn to recognise it when we see it. 

Specific projects are advertised in Bookwhen.

Classes of up to six friendly people, working together sometimes in friendly competition, having fun designing making and finishing products and perhaps selling them . . . 

What happens:

We take an issue such as 'bedside lighting' and research what people need bedside lighting for. Once we have some ideas of the needs we look at what is available. Once we identify some opportunities for creativity we develop some ideas and test these to see how well they work. This takes multiple sessions and benefits from some working from home on your ideas and research. We encourage you to make best use of your freedom as a Home Educator to develop your ideas at home and bring these to the class.

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