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Welcome To Aeroschool UK

Aeromodelling is an exciting dynamic technical and rewarding sport with oodles of content in science, technology, core skills, dynamics, craft skills and outdoor fun. 

Distance Learning

We want to encourage people to come from further afield and so we operate two timetables to accommodate local and more remote applicants.

We are also exploring fully online courses.


Our STEM courses work out at about £10 per hour with additional fees if your child wants to take hardware home, but we are able to use relatively inexpensive and ecological materials extensively when using CAD CAM. So building aircraft need not involve costly materials.

Monday sessions

The local group is held on alternate Mondays for four hours fortnightly. This is an annual curriculum that leads to the possible entry of a national competition to build a remote controlled plane to carry a payload.


The Wednesday group is fortnightly 4 hours to face session with intermediate Zoom sessions and expected home study/ design work. The brief and content is per Monday.

Friday sessions 

The local group is held on Fridays for two hours weekly and is designed for mid term inclusions and a younger age group.

Aeroschool Online (AO)

We are exploring an 'Aeroschool Online' where practical work is done at home in between zoom sessions and occasional meet-ups on our site or at national venues. This will heavily rely on self motivation and your own resources.

It will involve posting out our kits and laser cut components that you have designed. There will be a cost to this pro rata for kits, zoom time, prep time and postage. However, this could involve high numbers of participants resulting in significant sharing of costs bringing the session cost down.Please contact us if interested.


Universal Facilities for distance learning

All our CAD software is available for home use and we operate a mail service for parts designed and laser cut for assembly and testing at home.


To apply for all Aeroschool courses we would like you to share with us something about your interests and experience. We want to match the course to your needs or suggest what other courses we offer might suit your needs better. Please visit us for our info sessions .


We make lots of gliders using cardboard. We make models of real planes and also 'original' gliders of your own design. We can scale these up and make bigger and bigger versions until they are large enough to put motors and control systems in. Airframes can be made using a variety of techniques and the course involves the progressive lightening and strengthening of structures. You will test your products to destruction if necessary and get very used to crashes and mishaps. We extensively use video (slo-mo) to scrutinise the aircraft for flight behaviour including First Person View video with On Screen Display of the aircraft speed, altitude, battery life and power consumption etc.

Collaborative software

Miro, 2DDesign, ProDesktop and Dropbox.

Who is Aeroschool for?

Aeroschool is attended by children and young adults from age 7​​​ to 19 who:

  • are school or home educated and seek access to a quality STEM provision 

  • seek extension and challenge particularly in technological subjects.

  • prefer to work experimentally to make functioning purposeful outcomes

  • may benefit from learning to work in a small group.

  • attend a youth club which has an interest in STEM 

  • may need to learn functional skills in the context of practical purposeful projects

  • may have anxiety issues that are a barrier to learning

  • may have characteristics that present a barrier to learning in school environment

Aero Solutions 

  • We tour a range of Aero based activities sessions off our own site such as youth clubs, school lessons, HE activities and festivals.

  • We also sell our educational products to venues such as Shuttleworth Collection and the Museum of Berkshire Aviation

Design Content

We provide a unique incremental curriculum of Design Technology contextualised in 'flight' . This challenges some of the existing educational strategies offered by other organisations but seeks to de mystify flight and prove each principle by experimentation and consistent demonstration.

We cover

  • Briefs and Specifications

  • Design Process

  • Research and Development strategies

  • Testing and Evaluating

  • Structures

  • Control systems

  • Sub-systems

  • Avionics

  • Aerodynamics

  • Making Techniques

  • Data gathering

  • Critical Thinking

  • History

  • Materials and properties

  • Ethics

  • Teamwork

  • Communications skills

  • Aesthetics, Ergonomics

  • Safety

  • and er . . . 

Progressive and Rigorous Flight Curriculum

Our original range of educational kits, accessories, activities, drawings and concepts have been developed from years of practice.


Our kits are designed to sequentially teach flight principles, isolating each principle strategically so that the young mind can be convinced of the theory - or to challenge it.

Whilst clearly fun - chucking gliders around a room or a field without any control over speed and direction can be frustrating when trying to finely trim a glider.  The launch is all important and very difficult to repeat precisely enough to be at all scientific. This tends to frustrate those with greater interest in the science of flight. Children will more readily play with cars and drones that offer stability and predictability.


We can control 'risk' much more readily these days - the technology is here and so we need to make use of it. Stabilised flight, robust materials, flight training solutions safe power trains.


Our products are designed to be flown in a way that demonstrates principles of flight, reduce risk of loss, damage and injury and make the whole experience more enjoyable for the inquiring mind.

Building resilience  - Learning from mistakes

Our students develop their understanding accumulatively so that failure in something is followed by something more successful next time around. This is a vital concept unavailable to most university students who rarely test their aircraft prior to competitive flight.

How can I access Aeroschool? - 

You can access Aeroschool in a number of ways. We have an application form for you to share with us some of your experiences, ideas and aspirations before we agree what course would suit you.

  • come to us in Northamptonshire for our group sessions for school children (Alternative Education Provision) and other groups for Home Educators.

  • Sign up for our online course when available, buy our educational kits and schemes of work online for independent learning. Join our remote group work and meetups during the year.

  • Book us to visit you or your group with our mobile workshop!

  • Come to one of our annual Aerocamps at venues like Shuttleworth,  BMFA Buckminster or at home in Irthlingborough.

Products - see our online shop

  • Cardboard glider kits

  • Custom kits for model aircraft you can buy yourself

  • Schemes of work

  • Gravity launcher

Achievement Schemes you can do

  • BMFA Flying achievement schemes

  • Bronze CREST awards for testing aero principles

  • Silver and Gold CREST awards for entering the BMFA Payload Challenges.

  • Scouts badges etc

Hybrid Delivery and Resourcing

We run online learning and group video sessions and can provide you with all software and video resources you need to run your own club.

We can even laser cut your designs in cardboard and post them back to you!

Training and Consultancy

Mark is available to train you to deliver our unique resources and or train your staff to deliver Aeroschool UK curriculum.

Aeroschool History

2013 'Aer0nauts' was launched as a small team of students from the local USAF base came

to us to rebuild a Radio controlled Biplane

2014 Experimenting with laser cutting and aircraft manufacture with a growing team of home educated students and one from a local youth training provider.

2015 Entered the BMFA Payload Challenges for schools and universities with 'Pig'. The plane barely flew for reasons beyond our then understanding! However we won the prestigious 'Jettex Trophy' after a series of crashes and rebuilds that gained us a lot of sympathy!!

17TH JUNE 136.jpg
29th JUNE 165web.jpg

2016 A new team of home eds. Complete review of our understanding of flight theory. We took the 'Pig' basic format and developed two competing upgrades led by two home educated students. This internal friendly competition led to a single solution with increased empennage area, coned nose, streamlined  propeller intake and dynamically cooled motor. Winners of the BMFA Distance Payload Challenge against three  other teams including one from China. Do watch the video if you haven't seen it!

IMG_9151b (2019-03-11, 21-19-20).jpg
Grabbed Frame 39.jpg
7th april 015.jpg


Old Magistrates Courthouse, Stowmarket

2017 A new team again this time exploring a front mounted tractor propeller and a thorough modelling of 20 wing/tail combinations around a  basic torpedo fuselage. A last minute change from plywood construction to Depron leading to a our second win of the BMFA Distance Payload Challenge against two other teams.

Plus a second entry, our first in the 'Quantity Challenge' (tennis balls) with 'The Mighty Dorito' built single handedly by our eldest student came 5th overall against  multiple University entries.



Three Aer0nauts teams now!!

Our youngest team of three ages 11-14 entering the 'Egg-lift challenge' winning their category with 'Yolko-Oh-No'

Team of three entering the Distance Challenge (Block of wood) came second

Team of two entering the Quantity Challenge (Polystyrene Balls) with 'B-Ryan' failed to compete.

Grabbed Frame 12.jpg


Three teams again;

SpaceEggs winning their challenge against two other teams.

'Distance' sporting two wing options in the design process; a delta v a straight wing winning their challenge against two other teams

'Quantity' winning their challenge against 17 universities


2019 - present


Moved to Freestone Lodge, Northants

Continued some groups online as we fitted out our new site

Discovery Zone provision at Shuttleworth Airshows


Locked down!

developing online and mobile provision and local home Education links.


  • Held our first Aer0camp at Shuttleworth

  • Worked with HE students 1:1

  • Discovery Zone Educational provision at Shuttleworth airshows.

  • Facilitated Airscouts and Scouts/Guides camps at Shuttleworth

  • Facilitated RAF days and school visits to Shuttleworth with our new Gravity Launcher

  • Developed our own airfield at Freestones

  • Ran the first Aeroschool 2022 -2023 resulting in 4 RC Deltas built


2023/24 Aer0school Mobile

See our mobile page!


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