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Please note . . 

Course descriptions

These are basic course descriptions in no particular order

To search all classes by age/subject please go to our 'Bookwhen' page and return to explore in more detail. Sorry if this is awkward but Wix doesn't facilitate searching courses by more than one parameter.


These descriptions are a starting point from which each course may develop slightly differently depending on the aspirations and abilities of the participants. This is democratic learning in action!

Mid term inclusions.

To meet us and learn more about T&S please book onto a Hangout or a Laser Club session. These are one-offs. 

Other classes are based on a set curriculum but as stated above may change depending on group aspirations ability and choices. We welcome mid term inclusions into all courses but the Aeroschool courses very much depend on a team mentality and commitment and so can only be booked by application /password and commitment to at least 6 sessions. (The costs of running a resource -heavy course can only be met with this level of commitment)


Zoom etc

Some courses have zoom sessions - these are highly productive and serve to plan the next face to face. These are most important for the fortnightly courses.


Makerspace suits independent learners and those who wish to extend or catch up in some way. The time/ assistance is divvied up between participants as equitably as possible. Materials need to be paid for in addition to the attendance fee; though we assume a basic budget that is included in the session cost.


We cannot provide storage for all your stuff - so participants on single class sessions are requested to take work home or  . . lose it!


Parents are welcome to stay for sessions either in the class to assist their child or in our waiting area where refreshments are available for a small donation. Parents/carers are required to be contactable at short notice at all times. Please inform us of any medical conditions etc.

We always encourage learning participation between parents and children.


We think Home Education is an ideal contect to extend learning beyond that which can be achieved in a school setting particularly when a child has keen interests /creativity, focus and an independent learning style.

CAD CAM is central to much of our STEAM provision for which we use software that does not require internet connection and will run on either the most basic windows XP laptop or Win 11. Our USP is that your CAD work results in making real things rapidly as opposed to being a theoretical exercise.

In order to fully equip our students we offer our educational software free of charge with a free learning resource called CAD-U CAN. Commitment to independent learning of this software is central to your opportunities in our provision.


Raising the Bar for democratic learning

Whilst we seek to meet learners needs we also seek to demonstrate to the establishment the capability of democratic learning in equipping young people for creative productive lives- for which we set up T&S.

Please regard T&S as an ambitious opportunity just as much as we are a facility!

We are not a school and we don't provide child care!

Please browse the courses and activities here and then book through the  'Bookwhen' Page.

There is more info on each course on the 'More' page'

We look forward to meeting you!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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