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Laser Club

Laser Clubs

Laser Clubs

Laser Clubs are great for just coming along on a single session and making something of high quality that does something.


Use Laser Club to explore our provision. You can use these sessions to pursue your own laser based projects.


Parents are very welcome to join in and support their kids. 

What happens:

We start with a 'starter' file on the computer - this might be a jigsaw or a mechanism which you will change in some way or completely ignore! The key thing is that you take the opportunity to be creative and develop your own ideas based on a key theme or principle. This might be to do with a making process such as metal casting or moulding or locking parts together with laser cutting. The younger group is just 45mins long and the older group 1.5 hrs. You are welcome to take breaks when you like and there are other activities to do to relax your brain when you need to!

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