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This kit includes:

3D printed shuttle /stop assy (grey PLA)

Shock absorbing spring set and pads

Slide rail (curtain track)

Pulley set and cord

Laser cut Pulley Block frame

Painted Timber beam (2.5M)

Stands, fittings and carry bag

Cleat set

2KG Sand Bag weight

The launcher is fully assembled and tested prior to dispatch which means you just set it up and launch gliders.

For a budget DIY option please see our Launcher Head assy which is literally the bits that you fettle and assemble yourself. 

package weight 15kg


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T&S Gravity Launcher Complete Kit

  • Ongoing development of a sequential explanation of flight and the resources to explain and demonstrate this so that

    1. the learner has a clear idea of the way aircraft work, how to relate a plane's purpose to its physical shape.

    2. the advanced learner understands how to design and develop aircraft to high specifiations of performance in a variety of contexts.

    3. Learners can apply their skills, knowledge, understanding and strategies beyond aero related topics to identify needs, opportunitites; to develop and realize effective solutions.

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