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Basic DIY self assembly ParaChirp kit comprising frame and petals. 

These may be painted for camouflage with paints available at DIY stores.

Please note 'smartphone' not included.




ParaChirp P24BB (BareBones)

  • ParaChirp p24 is best suited to the field where robustness and acoustic intergrity are required. The materials acommodate moisture and heat and can be disposed of ecologically/recycled. These properties can be improved by painting. P24 can be disassembled but the number of cycles will be limited as wear occurs when unclipping and reclipping the parts. Hot glue can significanly increase strength but this is not deemed essential. The smartphone is fitted to PC with 'hair ties' which must be monitored and replaced when worn. We accept no liability for lost or damaged devices/smartphones. Please do your own risk assessment on this .

    For video use the smartphone may be mounted on a selfie stick which can be attached to PC.

    Alternatively your device may be carried on the person and either a wired mic fitted to PC or a Bluetooth device. This provides a number of configurations for security and protection of your device.

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