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About Us

Time & Space Learning 

  • Led by Bev and Mark Adams; designer, teacher, parents and home educators.

  • A community of learners of all ages and backgrounds sharing inspirational opportunities, resources, events, projects, strategies, time and space for life-long learning

What is our specialism?

  • Facilitating democratic and experiential learning

  • Rural site with plenty of space.

  • Mobile resource provision

  • Creativity - Art, Music, Craft, Design and STEM

  • Poetry; freedom of expression.

  • Computer Aided Design 2D and 3D

What is our experience?

  • 20 years teaching in schools

  • 20 years home educating

  • 10 years providing schools AEP and Home Ed support.  Working with parents, school senior management, training providers, local authority welfare, educational officers, education psychologists, local industry, friends and relatives, the church and other alternative providers democratic learning community, legal advice organisations and volunteers.

  • Over 100 children significantly benefitting from our provision, many with changed lives contextualized in their, relationships, family and confidence in HE and in school.

What is our ethos?

  • Christian: created equal as interdependent individuals, sanctity of life, human rights and responsibilities.

  • Life long learning: Freedom to learn, freedom to think,

  • Education appropriate to learning style, needs and aspirations. Freedom to fail.

  • To be able to have an opinion without coercion.

  • Democratic learning, consent based learning, sociocracy. Mutual respect, support, encouragement and learning in small groups and teams.

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