Lockdown 2020/21 

Closed for face to face business. Creating STEM projects to support Home Education during lockdown and hopefully bring people together for events and competitions as social distancing allows.

Equip our T&S Bus with CAD CAM equipment to tour HE groups and national shows to promote Aeroschool

Aeroschool Launch Feb 2021

Online design and making model aircraft.

HE Design School Launched 2021

Online design teams and tutorial services to achieve your goals

Lasercraft Solutions launch Feb 2021

Our kits published and made available for sale, in particular Parachirp our smart microphone for birdsong recordings to encourage greater participation in national bird surveys. Also Downhill Racer STEM project.

Forward planning . . . 2021/22 Planet Birdsong

This is an exciting project working with University of Rwanda to record birds in their natural habitat. T&S projects will include recording birdsong in the UK and being creative with the sounds we get.

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