Taster Sessions

We know how worrying it can be for those who, for whatever reason struggle with social situations. Part of Time and Space is giving you the space you need to feel safe and well.

However, starting out at Freestones in May 2022 means everyone is a 'newbie' and so we offer these taster sessions for you to come along with no strings attached and get involved in an activity with no pressure where can be around and probably supping coffee and cake while you enjoy yourself and get to know us before deciding whether or not to book a session.

You can of course book with us to visit for a 30 min chat and a look around if you wish. You can also book 1:1 sessions for tutorials, technical support and professional teaching services.


Team dynamics is important to us so we want you to feel at home here. We are all learners. We are blessed at Freestones with lots of space to run around and let off steam and some friendly chickens to talk to as well if you like! 


The first Laser Techie Taster Sessions in May/June are technology orientated but other subjects will be along in due course. They are  designed for you to meet us and get an idea of our unique technical provision and for us to meet you to discuss what we can offer you.

Each session is 'stand alone' and these Laser sessions introduce you to the basics of CAD CAM during which you get to customise and make a pre-designed product.

There are only 4 spaces on each session (minimum 2) which is on our bus so you will get to meet at least one other child at this time who may also be exploring T&S.

We look forward to meeting you!

Mark and Bev

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