• P24 Is designed for robustness with 'petals' that once the handle is assembled add to the strength of the structure. These can be removed and re assembled in about 2 minutes or glued into position during initial assembly. This suits accurate recordings for sharing with minimal mechanical 'creaks' from the structure duing use.
  • ParaChirp arrives to you on 4 flat boards two hair ties and a small sheet of sandpaper.
  • Full instructions for assembly and use can be found on our website.
  • Can be used variously with a lavaliere mic, smartphone, small tablet, selfie stick.
  • If you wish to paint/colour this is best to do before separating the part from the board unless using a particularly thick paint.
  • Parachirp drawstring bag is available as a separate order.
  • Painted versions of Parachirp are available as one-off separate orders.
  • ParaChirp is mailed in recycled no-frills packaging and requires no glue or specialist tools to assemble - just a piece of sandpaper and domestic hair ties. 
  • Designed for education
  • IT IS NOT A TOY!!  - so appropriate supervision is required for small children.
  • The user is required to make minor adaptation during the assembly to fit the smart-phone -  and take responsibility for its security at all times.
  • Please note improvements to the design are made from time to time. You will receive the specific version you ordered at the time.
  • Please share your recordings and comments with us, especially critical comments as these will help us improve the product.
  • Enjoy!


ParaChirp V24 Bare Bones kit (unpainted)