• ParaChirp P22 is a low cost, low tech acoustic sound reflector that improves the recording capability of most smartphones for domestic and educational recordings of birdsong.
  • P22 is designed for portability with 'petals' that can be removed and re assembled in about 30 seconds -1 minute. This suits transportation in the field, to site or in luggage.
  • ParaChirp arrives to you on 4 flat boards, a petal set, two hair ties and a small sheet of sandpaper.
  • Full instructions for assembly and use can be found on our website.
  • If you wish to paint/colour this is best to do before separating the part from the board unless using a particularly thick paint.
  • Parachirp drawstring Bag is available as a separate order.
  • Painted versions of Parachirp Kit are available as P22 and P24
  • ParaChirp is mailed in recycled no-frills packaging and requires no glue or specialist tools to assemble.
  • Designed for education
  • ParaChirp IS NOT A TOY!!  - so appropriate supervision is required for small children.
  • The user is required to make minor adaptation during the assembly to fit the smart-phone -  and take responsibility for its security at all times.
  • Please note improvements to the design are made from time to time. You will receive the specific version you ordered at the time.
  • Please share your recordings and comments with us, especially critical comments as these will help us improve the product.
  • Enjoy!



ParaChirp P22 Bare-Bones Kit

  • ParaChirp is experimental and requires some ingenuity on the part of the user to adapt and tune the device for best results. Full instructions and videos provided.

    Parachirp facilitates a range of exciting creative and ecological projects and is due to be central to an international birdsong project where accurate recordings will be made using domestic technology rather than professional sound equipment. 

    ParaChirp is compatible with a range of devices . Those with microphones on the end (bottom) edge perform best. Those with a front mounted microphone will not benefit so well, so please check your device before purchasing. However, we are always keen to find ways of adapting to all related technologies as part of the ongoing project so maybe you wish to experiment anyway to see what results you can achieve and join our team of volunteers who range from teachers to ornithologists and musicians. Please join our community to share your experiences.

    Parachirp can be used in video making and audio recording projects where sounds are  recorded.  Your sound files are uploaded by your recording device and downloaded into various software on PC to create laser cut artifacts, graphics, music and sound effects. Some smartphones have great software to use to edit recordings without the need for uploading.

    ParaChirp must be used responsibly and respectfully of the privacy of others. No responsibility is taken by the designer/manufacturer for antisocial or unethical use.

    Schools and youth groups who participate in our Project Birdsong can obtain sets of ParaChirps at a significant  discount or even licence rights to laser cut your own at school. Please email us for details.