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About Us

Time & Space Learning Community

  • A learning Community providing inspirational learning opportunities, resources, products, facilities, events, projects, strategies - and space to those in other than state education.

What is our specialism?

  • Facilitating Iterative Learning (experiential)

  • Mobile resource provision

  • Creativity - Art, Music, Craft and Design

  • Aero-Modelling engineering

  • Music instrumental and creation.

  • Poetry freedom of expression, exploring life.

  • STEM 

  • Designing Educational Product kits.

  • Computer Aided Design 2D and 3D training.

  • Laser cutting and 3D printing

  • CREST awards 

  • Home Education experience and non legal advice.

What is our experience?

  • Over 100 children significantly benefitting from our provision, many with changed lives contextualized in their, relationships, family and confidence in HE and in school (where parents have accessed our provision for their child during school time as part of a flexi-schooling agreement)

  • Many seeking high quality specialist provision above and beyond what they would achieve in school or complimenting school provision mainly because of their need to explore for themselves and immerse more deeply into specific learning.

  • Many SEND, mainly ASD Aspergers, anxiety, social issues, domestic difficulties, educational transition.

  • A decade of working with parents, school senior management, training providers, local authority welfare, educational officers, education psychologists, local industry, friends and relatives, the church and other alternative providers democratic learning community, legal advice organisations and volunteers.

What courses are planned?

  • Please see our 'whats on' page or click on our bookings tab at the top.

  • We are currently limited in what we can offer but we have plans for building development in due course.

  • Sadly we cannot currently accommodate wheelchair users. 

  • We will soon have courses and clubs for individuals families and groups of all ages.


  • Our provision is based on a large coach with large awnings on Freestones Lodge farm.


  • We are currently booking activities and events with various organisations as lockdown eases and events are able to run.

  • We have a number of venues lined up for a tour in 2022 culminating in the Festival of Childhood at Summerhill School Suffolk UK and particularly interested in networking with democratic learning organisations to participate.


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