Our Mission

Our Mission:

  • for every person to thrive in the way that is natural to them so that learning becomes a sustainable lifestyle.

  • for learners to grow in confidence, resilience, and to develop strategies to overcome life-challenges.

  • learners to grow in character; to learn how they can use their unique qualities for good; to be creative, innovative, altruistic and self-disciplined.

  • learners to understand that that diversity is natural, desirable and vital. We are all unique but interdependent on one another as well as the world round us.

How these are achieved through Time and Space Learning

Learning is a lifestyle that engenders well-being

  • each learner wants to be here.

  • environment is cultured to be encouraging and respectful.

  • the right conditions to grow and flourish.

  • less pressure, more freedom to explore indpendently

  • learning through exploration, more possibilities more ideas.

  • analytical thinking and questioning is encouraged.

  • respect for one another.


  • provide opportunities

  • identify and deal with barriers to progress.

  • use learner's internal motivation rather than external pressures.

  • make good decisions.



  • activities have external objectives.

  • make gifts for others.

  • meet needs

  • think about and consider others

  • discover connection in a cohesive society.


  • celebrate diversity and respect for the unique, qualities of ourselves and others

  • participate in governance and decision making.



  • safe and encouraging environment

  • learners feel free to explore and learn;

  • free to make mistakes

  • learn according to aptitudes, rhythms and aspirations.

  • acceptance of faults in others and that they are learners too. 


  • quality resources and facilities that would be difficult to access in school or at home.

  • encourage to explore to the limits of their capability

  • prioritise access to T&S by those who will make best use of the opportunities

  • invest trust that will grow into responsibility.


  • life long application

  • minimal focus on short term objectives such as grades and exams.

  • access national qualifications and achievement schemes as appropriate

  • enhance life outside of our domain and provide strategies to leading a successful life.