Lasercraft Solutions

  • provides a speedy and accurate way of generating, realizing and evaluating ideas by using incomplete laser cut kits and games.

  • This uniquely combines the modular benefits of traditional construction games with creative, original and functional capability of craft products.

  • Lasercraft Solutions now includes a postal service of laser cut items. This is a powerful way of learning during 'lockdown' and social distancing.Each project comes as a kit that is customised by the learner (s)


  • Accelerated design cycle from ideas to practical realization

  • Multiple outcomes

  • Less focus on craft skills for success engages better with those with dexterity difficulties or short concentration span

  • Teamwork /challenges and games encouraged through common interfaces and standards

  • Excellent preparation for engineering careers

  • High quality results with repeatability and accuracy.

  • Multiple starting points for individualization

  • Multiple contexts and applications