So, having converted our Volvo bus for STEM outreach work to be equipped with a computer suite and laser cutter we have needed to completely re structure our provision for online learning and social distancing.


However online learning can now under-pin our 'on location' provision later in the year when this virus is under control and for appropriate social distancing.


So we now have a number of exciting and engaging online educational products available that will remain in place to support our provision into the future.

1. Online Home Education Support

We are offering 1:1 tutorials in STEM and creative arts which includes a unique postal service for artifacts made by laser cutting.


This course is the foundation of our Lasercraft Solutions and teaches the basics of the No 1 Educational CAD software -Techsoft 2DDesign from the basics right through building complex 3D products - and on to full 3DDesign software packages.

3. Small Group Projects

Our small groups have continued to meet online to pilot our projects in small collaborative teams. This is a powerful way of learning to collaborate with others and to specialise in your skills towards a common goal.  

Our flagship groups are Aer0nauts and Think0nauts - both exciting and challenging STEM activities. Aer0nauts is an aeromodelling course that starts at the basics and takes you through to achievement at degree level. Think0nauts is a 'Design Process' based problems solving group that explore a wide variety of design activities.

4. Broader curriculum

We continue to explore a broader curriculum as we develop our site and online provision.

Birdsong is one example - where we are working with the Planet Birdsong team to explore the subject at international level.

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