1:1 Provision

Meeting your learning needs with an array of resources, enthusiasm and space!

Typically exploring a range of STEM /creative activities at your pace. Digging deep into one particular area or covering a number of contrasting activities in the session. Make things from multiple starting points; from raw materials or maybe complete a product kit. Add various technologies, control, light, audio. Explore enterprise by selling what you design and make. Maybe enter a challenge or competition. Complete a CREST or ARTS award or do something that contributes to a GCSE/A-Level course in school.

  • See how it goes with a three session taster period?

  • Add on line sessions?

  • Collaborate with others?

We cater from 9 years old. Ideal for creative, innovative kids who love inventing things and value support, affirmation and encouragement as well as specialist facilities with plenty of practical hands-on and outdoor activities to realize their ideas.


Working with

  • Schools

  • AEP organisations

  • Parents/Home Education

  • Charities

to provide specialist resources and projects that's right for your learners and complements their educational provision.

Laser-craft Club mobile or at our site

  • Small groups making stuff using the laser cutter!! 

  • Amazing accuracy and detail - ideal for creatives who just want to make stuff to a high quality quickly and easily.

  • Age 9+.

  • All instructions provided and demonstrated.

  • Room for 6 participants on our Tech Bus, 10 on site.


Explore rapid aeromodelling with expert support and space to fly and test your creations safely.

  • STEM content leading up to degree level engineering.

  • Practical, kinasthetic, dynamic challenging projects

  • Power systems, control, CAD CAM workshop processes,

  • dynamic testing  - this is the stuff of engineering.

  • A great preparation for anyone /small groups interested in engineering as a career. 

Think0nauts for Home Education

Uniting a nation's divergent thinkers to achieve great things!

  • Online and occasionally face-to face project group

  • Problem solving activities, critical thinking, Design process and exploring scientific principles.

T&S Tech-fest Tour bus

  • We bring STEM technology to you!

  • Book us for three day to week long events nationally.

  • Our bus is equipped with loads of learning resources and two huge awnings for multi day events.

Cad-U-Can online course

The engine room of computer aided designing and making

This will help you in all of our design related courses as well as prepare you for a world of design.

  • Download our student software on your home PC FOC

  • Follow our tutorials online.

What's On

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