1:1 Tuition

We tutor all ages in art, design, craft, technology, music, poetry, video and photography. We provide alternative educational provision and we support Home Education with specialist resources to which they might otherwise not have access. We offer CREST awards and support personal.


HE Tech Club  - Fridays 10am -12pm and 1pm -3pm

Design Technology for Home Education. DT you would learn in school plus  . . . .



Do you keep asking questions? Want to know why? Like discussing, debating, arguing (nicely!)Think0nauts may be for you. HE is a great way of learning more than just facts. You can explore stuff and think of new ways to achieve things, take on challenges and work as a team.


Think0nauts Online

Team activity for kids who ask questions. This is democratic learning in action. The T#2 team get to design their own course and advertise it - which may be why you are reading this . . .!

Laser-Craft sessions  

Local activity for those who want to make and customise our own range of laser cut kits.

A good intro to T&S and a great activity for any age and educational background. Yes parents and teachers - you too!


  • Our flagship activity

  • Aeromodelling based STEAM education

  • Sequential course with CREST awards

  • Unique provision - you won't find this anywhere else!

  • Enter a national challenge?

Aer0camp 4 Day Annual Summer Camps 

4 day summer activities exploring flight

  • Freestones Northants,

  • Shuttleworth Collection Bedfordshire,

  • BMFA Centre Rutland.

T&S Tech-fest Tour bus coming soon

  • We bring STEAM technology to you!

  • Book us for 3 - 5 day events nationally.

  • Our bus is equipped with workshop and ICT resources, tables, chairs and two huge awnings.

Cad-U-Can Online course - Techsoft 2DDesign

This course is video based with live support.

2DDesign is an industry standard software used in schools that  has a flexible and intuitive interface making it useful for advanced design purposes. The student license is limited to non output only but your designs can be laser cut on our equipment with our full site license and posted to you!

Many CAD CAM skills are generic and once you understand this it will make many more accessible to you - so a great way of starting with a practical outcome without needing to buy expensive hardware.


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