Product Design Apprentice deals with the process of identifying an objective and finding a solution to meet needs. Product Design is mostly about people and meeting their needs through well designed and sustainable solutions. In the images the learners are exploring batch production of a buggy they will try to market and sell to a local craft shop. This is just one aspect of a huge subject.

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Think0nauts explore STEM concepts through resources that are developed to isolate variables and demonstrate principles in visual and kinasthetic ways.

Lots of making but lots of thinking and understanding too. Think0nauts work in small teams and have lots of fun. We also deal with world issues and enter national design competitions


Multimedia combines all media toward a common goal. This can be an advert, a movie or an animation. A big part of this is teamwork where each takes a responsibility for one aspect of the product. Props can be rapidly and accurately made using our workshop which goes a long way to making an impressive production in a short space of time.

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Hobby House is anything you might want to make to enhance a hobby - such as dioramas, models, buildings, structures, puppets, mobiles, displays, picture frames etc etc

Group sessions based on a publicised theme selected by students.

Take home all you make . . .please!!

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Aer0nauts is our flagship innovation group competing with groups from all over the world. Students build many planes and undertstand how and why they fly. This is jam packed with STEM and executive skills plus we get outside and have a load of fun. We have developed a progressive  curriculum to explore flight using inexpensive and rapid making processes including laser cutting.