Elevate 1:1

Elevate is ideal on a long term basis say 1 day per week for children who want to develop a deeper learning of a process or technique but would not be comfortable in a school or PRU environment. They already feel comfortable at T&S and can operate independently to a large extent, receiving unlimited tutorial support as required. Their achievements can be celebrated back in school or at home and this adds to their confidence and well-being in other areas. Some children prove to be exceptionally talented through this experience so much so that in one instance the parents bought the child a laser cutter! 3D printers are widely available and Elevate provides a strategic long term development plan. It is well known that some SEN such as dyslexia are accompanied by augmented spatial awareness. What a great way to encourage someone who's appraisal of their abilities is negative.

Child psycologists and occupational therapists are overwhelmingly supportive of parents who seek this provision because of the huge benefits to well-being and to home/school life in general.

Among the disciplines our students have studied independently are:

Videomaking - creating scripts, storyboards, shooting, directing and editing.

Animation: model making, scenery making, storyboarding, voice-over; Foley and background music.

Aero-modelling, designing and making using CAD CAM, flying.

We know that our facilities exceed the capability of many typical SEN institutions and even mainstream schools. Our students are free of external pressure in literacy and numeracy, however, both of these functional skills feature strategically in what they do and this support learning and achievement elsewhere.

Our educational programmes puts a smile on children's faces!