Elevate 1:1

Extending beyond Launchpad our 1:1 elevate programme takes students through more challenging projects and group competitions in a relaxing fun and quiet environment.  

Brokered by a local school this student  built a K9 styled amplifier from images traced from the www. He traced the shapes and  performed a calculated stretch transformation where the panels slope. The fitting of the buttons, building of the amplifier, surface finishing, spraying and painting all done by the student. Note the curved head sides achieved with a slitting technique to make MDF flexible. Very nicely done.

Brokered to us by a local school for a day per week this student  was with us for three years and in this time moved from incredibly shy to directing a number of video movie productions. He is very sensitive to sounds which makes the normal school environment very difficult for him but these qualities reap rewards in creativity and observational skills. He has a great sense of humour and is a talented plasticine modeller.

This learner is clearly an expert model maker and made both cars from multiple 2D layers.

It is thought that the prevalence of '2D screens projecting 3D images' is detracting from the ability of the mind to work out and visualise 3D extrapolated from 2D elevations. In other words, architects and engineers that need to visualise what a drawing will look like in life and need these skills will have an advantage over those who need a computer to do it for them. This includes, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, chefs, dancers . . . . 

This 12 year old struggled to access learning in school and his provision was paid for by parents. He rapidly learned to design and make in such detail that he became completely autonomous - except for this instance where his complex geometric design needed two pairs of hands to assemble it.

With his improved confidence he was accepted into a local SEN specialist school and returns to us on occasions as his outlet for his techy ideas!

This young man is a talented plasticine modeller who designed and completed a number of video animation productions with 1:1 technical support using his amazing models.

What is that skill called where you can make or draw a face and it somehow just looks funny or exactly as it needs to? This chap has that gift.

Year 9 student utterly thrilled to see his plane fly for the first time. Very enthusiastic to customise his car design. This car was designed based on a scaled up downhill racer with the student looking on, and to the specifications of what he wanted. he asked for steering and so that's what he got - and in doing so learned where the critical points are on a steering system on real cars.

One of our first students in 2013 designed and built this amplifier based on Subaru car. The finishing skills are easily of GCSE standard and this was worthy to support his D&S studies in school.