"Elevate" Group Sessions

Subject specialisms to select from:

These are team activities involving learners from a range of educational backgrounds:

  • Tech Space (Aeromodelling, Product Design, STEM Group) 

  • Art Space  (Art, Music, Multimedia) 

Title: Aeromodelling 11-16 yrs

Time: 1 Full day per week: 10:15 - 15:30​ 

Cost: £600 min booking is half termly (6 sessions) with or without attending supervisor)

Title: Product Design/STEM Group 10-13yrs

Time1/2 day per week: 13:15 - 15:30​ 

Cost: £300 min booking is half termly (6 sessions)  (Max 1 student / school with or without attending supervisor)

Who is this for?

Students who in addition to the Wellbeing First Criteria:

  • do not necessarily require 1:1 learning support from commissioning organisation

  • demonstrate a clear intent to make progress in the relevant arena.

  • can cope with a small group experience and age related interactions

  • have developed sufficient skills not to require 100% 1:1 support

  • generally demonstrate responsible safe working practices

  • can self motivate to some extent and operate with some executive skills

  • can socialise and feel confident at least to the extent that sportsmanlike competition does not present a wellbeing issue.

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