Launchpad 1:1 Sessions

Subject specialisms to select from:

  • Laser craft Solutions

  • Weaving Words 


  • 2 hours weekly for up to 12 weeks 1:1

Cost: £80/2hr session on site or £120 mobile

We think between 6 and 12 sessions of Well-being-First sessions to gain an idea of how well the student responds to this style of learning /context and see improvements in well-being in a range of areas. However, we will not pursue any provision against the wishes of the student.

Who is this for?

Students who:

  • need a creative outlet in arts, music and technology

  • support in learning functional skills through practical projects

  • prefer a holistic approach to learning 

  • need a calm and relaxed learning environment

  • may be school phobic, have anxiety issues, are school or subject refusers.

  • might find it difficult to socialise or perhaps suffer bullying

  • may be on the autistic spectrum particularly high functioning in creativity / innovation

  • may be experiencing specific difficulties because of a personal, peer related or domestic situation

  • may have low self esteem

  • may be at risk of exclusion from school

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