Think0nauts Project Group

Encouraging a nation's creative thinkers to achieve great things!​

  • Teamwork

  • Problem solving activities,

  • Critical thinking,

  • Design process

  • Exploring scientific principles.

Spring 2022 topic is 'Planet Birdsong' 

This is a charitable project for which Mark designed ParaChirp in 2013.


This season we're looking at ParaChirp, ways of using it and improving it.

ParaChirp is an original idea to help us understand birds much better using technology most of us use every day.

Use ParaChirp and you'll instantly realize how much birdsong there is to be heard.

  • Evaluate Parachirp as a product

  • Use recordings to share with eBird international database

  • Use your recordings for creativity - make music, artefacts, poetry

  • Use PC for making videos and presentations- a little film crew


If we can raise awareness of bird life we can protect them and help them thrive.

We'll be going on walks, talking to experts and sharing our recordings with people who know their stuff. We need ParaChirp to be affordable across the world and to be made locally with limited tools and machines.



Book now for early May. We are exhibiting at a local wildlife show and 7 of our ParaChirps are off to Africa for an amazing research project

What is Think0nauts again?

Think0nauts is a fun and challenging group in which we explore design issues and solutions using the design process. We explore everything from product design to film-making, control technology, software, communication skills, ethical issues and personal development.

Please note that group project work may be difficult or impossible to take home or it may require dismantling at the end - this is about group project work not individual craft items.

Peer based learning  - age group 11-14

Based in our bus and fields around Freestones Northants and online in our new zoom based group.