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Hi. I bought a ParaChirp Acoustic Mirror at birdfair and am amazed at the architectural design and precision cut parts and sprue. I have assembled the mirror but need a little help with a couple of things. Hopefully quite simple. Firstly if you would, which way round do you mount the button mic? facing forward or towards the mirror. The instructions are a little unclear to me unfortunately and I cant find a clear picture. Secondly, can you recommend a IOS app for recording the sounds? Any help much appreciated. Regards

Hi S

Thanks for the contact - I assume by 'button' mic you mean Lavaliere or 'tie-clip' mic. This faces towards the dish because the sound is being reflected in the opposite direction to its source. Just like a TV antenna or satellite dish. I probably should include the attached image in the instructions - thanks for pointing it out! The wire comes out of the back of the mic 'forwards' and loops back between the frame and the petals.


Apps wise:

To configure the iphone I use Microphone Live https://apps.apple.com/us/app/microphone-live/id1070812067 This gives you full control of your phone's mic and bluetooth output.


For recording I use the Voice Memo installed for ease. This sends directly to my gdrive. For a recording with WAV export a really good free app is Voice Record Pro: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/voice-record-pro/id546983235 This looks a bit old fashioned but its really capable. Can export anywhere. Our team found that in some countries eg the US the download on this is different - maybe the 'pro' versus the non pro - I'm not sure. See how you go.


Then for video apps - you can use the installed app which is easy going on the processor. I have spent a little on 'Mavis' which gives you full control of focus exposure etc and with Microphone Live in the background you can monitor the lot on bluetooth headphones. This is a little heavy for my old SE but my 12Pro its great. This is a complete solution for making pro quality videos with great sound track with the phone perched on a selfie stick in the back of the ParaChirp. (image) Just make sure those hair ties are in good order! Hope that helps

Stay in touch - let me know how it goes!


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