Design-based Activities

'Design' is a process, an approach to needs and opportuntities. Design is more than invention and more than the beauty of products, in fact it is wholly purposeful, ordered and methodological. In short Design is about the whole of life. Design is basically the service we get from any consultant, doctor, lawyer, life coach, tourist office . . .
Where are we now?
Where do we want to go?
How will we know when we have got there?
Have we got a map?

After 20 years teaching I am convinced that all of us need design skills. For a short while these skills were taught in schools through Design Technology and PLTS (Personal Learning and Thinking Skills). Until one educational minister cancelled all that.
Now school kids are taught facts that they are dissuaded from questionning. 

T&S teach strategies. Our students source their own information from the vast resource that is the world. Our students ask questions and many have found that this characteristic of theirs has been incompatible with their time in school. Others have never attended school and yet go on to lead fulfilling lives because they have strategies that they use to negotiate life's needs and opportunities.