Online Learning

Having been forced to communicate via Zoom etc we now can see many benefits of this medium which we will put to good use.
Collaborative project work across continents is now very much possible combined with the ability to design and get things made remotely we shall explore collaborative working in a way that is used in industry now and probably for ever more.
In this way we shall engage with other cultures and disciplines and learn much much more about people around the world and our place in an increasingly global economy.
But on a domestic level, learning online is valuable to underpin and support learning in any environment. Preparation, feedback and personal study can now enhance the work done in sessions either online or face to face. We have deliberately made our CAD CAM course available for free as part of booking other courses. This will enable learners to be up to speed with the basics which saves valuable time in group settings. It means that summer camps and mobile provision can be accessed much more efficiently so that you are ready for each event with your designs ready to be made and tested.

Our Think0nauts course covers communication skills in which we share ideas in a live setting. Sharing files and information safely and securely makes for better progress.