Lasercraft Design Club 

These are one - off sessions.  
LDC meets at Freestones on our Tech-Bus at various times to accommodate your timetable. Each session lasts 2hrs.
All instruction and training is provided.
Please visit our booking page for details of sessions January to May 2022

Additional Community Environment: 
Laser Craft Club Online is a meeting for ongoing tutoring/sharing ideas and what you made. Cost £5 per 30min zoom session.

Small groups (eg of Home Educators) can place a block group booking of 6 places at a different time (TBA) to these one off sessions which can strategically develop in rigour and skill and focus on a particular interest or theme.
Please contact us for further info.

Booking the Bus to come to you is also possible for commitments to multiple sessions and coverage of transport costs. We hope to develop a tour route in due course. 

These images are just a selection of what we have made. We start with our own laser cut kits that you assemble then paint and finish to your taste.

More experienced participators can customise the kits to be laser cut before you arrive. This extends to participating in LDC Online Zoom sessions during the week where as a group we discuss the possibilities and what you might chose to do.

Video Briefing
Selected sessions are preceded by a short video briefing of what we will be making.

High quality Educational Software (Techsoft 2DDesign) used widely in schools is provided free of charge and runs on PC or Mac with a Windows environment.  This enables you to extend your designing at hom.

Additional CAD-U-CAN course is available as a separate course in the use of our CAD CAM software

More advanced products make use of OEM technologies such as lighting or audio. Once paid for these can be taken away for you to build at home.

We can advise you on what technologies can be used safely at home such as adhesives and materials and performing your own home risk assessments.

Additional construction kits can be purchased from our Lasercraft Solutions product range £pro rata.

Freestones site sessions are 120 mins long and cost £15 strictly bookings only.

6 Weeks Team package of LaserCraft Club Freestones meetings and Online is slightly discounted. All basic materials/paints etc included in this price. Extra charges (at cost) apply for additional OEM items such as motors, lighting and audio. All extras are made clear to you before the session. Choices are available to fit your pocket aimed at ensuring nobody misses out. Sponsorship is invited for this purpose.

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