Exploring Birdsong with
Domestic Technology


What is ParaChirp?

  • ParaChirp is an acoustic mirror designed for educational use to promote learning about birds and product design

  • It gathers sound and reflects it onto the microphone in a smartphone to increase the focus on a specific subject.. 

  • ParaChirp also works with other recording devices

  • The name comes from 'parabolic'  which is the scientific name for the shape of the reflector surface and 'chirp' which is the noise all birds make  . . . or so we thought . . .!


ParaChirp is not designed or intended for surveillance

​Two Options:

  • It can be dismantled for travel/portability or assembled more permanently for extra robustness.

Potted History

  • The original device was conceived by Mark Adams in 2013 to facilitate a Planet Birdsong Project to use birdsong for creativity and therapeutic purposes with non verbal young adults.

  • It has always been a laser cut kit for students to assemble to make recordings of birdsong on a tight budget.

  • Planet Birdsong team have assisted considerably in testing ParaChirp in the field. We are now on version 24 which accommodates a wide range of smartphones and user friendly features.

  • Most recently ParaChirp is planned to be used by Planet Birdsong in collaboration with the University of Rwanda to equip wildlife tour guides with cost effective resilient means to make quality recordings of birds in the field.

  • We are promoting UK sales to facilitate Citizen Science and a engender a general awareness of birdlife.

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