Parachirp is a unique educational developmental product designed originally in 2013 by M Adams to facilitate high quality birdsong recordings without specialist equipment. The original project was  'Planet Birdsong' team project with non-verbal young adults at Brockford Barn Suffolk. It was subsequently key to work with Hopton Primary school where children used birdsong recordings for creative purposes.

We worked with Neuro-diverse children to record birds and enable the children to interact with birds using mimicking of slowed down recordings.

We used the parabolic mic to record soundtracks to videos taken at Thelnetham Fen in Suffolk.

After a number of years use with lavalier microphones in 2019 we modified the product for use by a variety smartphones to enable accurate birdsong recordings without specialist electronic technology.

Parachirp was kindly tested by a group of adults, Home Educated students and birdsong experts. The results were impressive. Parachirp was due to be rolled out as an educational resource in 2020 but due to national events this was postponed until Spring 2021.

Parachirp is laser cut from 3mm sheet timber and polypropylene 'petals' that form a sound reflector. 

It is anticipated that its use will encourage a greater interaction with local birds and contribute to a greater awareness of birds. Central to this is the ability to record and process birdsong on smartphone apps to reveal the incredible complexity of the sounds that birds make. 

Parachirp is designed as an educational experimental product  - so we anticipate students learning from the way it works to produce their own versions from various materials. We do not supply the drawings but we do run CAD CAM courses in which students can learn to design their own parabolic microphone.

We sell Parachirp at a small profit above manufacturing costs to cover R&D so if you want one there are various options. We have published this product in the hope that it will not be ripped off and monopolised by commercial industry so as to prevent educational access at a fair cost. 

Wew have big plans for Parachirp in its facilitating hight quality recordings in a national bird survey.

One of the issues in obtaining authentic recordings of wild birds especially in Africa is 'being there' at the right time and place. We hope that Parachirp is a product that can be sent to and assembled by  people who may not have access to more expensive recording technology - so that they can be ready for the occasion with a basic smart phone to make that recording that would otherwise be lost.

Parachirp does to claim to be the last word in recording technology and if it prompts a spate of designs that improve on it so as to bring down costs and improve performance and increase accessibility then this project has been worthwhile.

Please do not expect it to be the finished article. It is a prototype, not a toy and should not be used by small children for whom tiny pieces represent a hazard. Nor is is designed for surveillance or more dubious uses that breach people's privacy.

Absolutely no responsibility or liability is accepted by Time and Space Learning for injury or damage howsoever caused by this experimental produce or its use. This includes the failure to secure your smart phone properly or sjubjection to moisture etc etc in the use of Parachirp. Parachirp is designed to acomodate a wide variety of smartphones including the larges known smart phone. If your's does not fit please contact us and we will try to accommodate your need or provide a bespoke part. Ultimately this is about learning - so to some extent it is up to you to make it work!! 

With all this in mind we think that Parachirp will impress you by its effectiveness.