Tech Club

Learn from our seasoned professional! Mark Adams has 20 years experience teaching D&T and leading a D&T faculty in state education. He is also a product designer and amateur musician. He maintains his own fleet of double basses and has restored two classic cars.

Woods, metals, plastics and textiles are the stuff of which things are made. The ability to craft these is not only useful, it develops many other skills and abilities. It also engenders wellbeing.

Come on a journey to learn how to make and fix things. We run our courses with full awareness of safety procedures and appropriate attitudes. Projects are designed to incrementally develop skills and plenty of time is allowed for experimentation and independent learning.

We are currently planning a new workshop for September 2022 so watch this space!

Courses immediately available are shown below in black. Grey is 'coming soon'! Links are to our booking site.


Woodtech Bodgers Fridays 10am-12pm - please see booking page

Access requirements

  • Nominally age 7-11 (Ks2)

  • £10/session or £50 for block of 6.  

  • 6 spaces available 

This is a block of 6 sessions first experience of crafting wood safely.

We cover:

  • Assembling products from laser cut timber parts to glue together and decorate

  • handling wood and see how it behaves

  • basic surface finishing techniques

All materials and tools included

Woodtech Launchpad  Fridays 2pm - 4pm

Access requirements: 

  • Nominally 11+

  • Parental risk assessment required at booking! 

  • £15 per session or £12 booked in blocks of 6.

  • 6 spaces available


This is typical of secondary school D&T KS3 (11-13) and uses tools with sharp edges!

  • Each 6 week block covers the basics; subsequent blocks can be attended to continue to study at this level and cement learning.

We cover:

  • safety in the workshop, risk assessment, clothing, attitudes

  • the structure of wood and its properties, FSC, sustainability

  • marking wood

  • how to shape and cut wood safely

  • securing wood using work bench /vice /clamps

  • a range of hand tools

  • power tools #1 - battery powered drill/screwdriver

  • fixing wood using various techniques


All materials and tools included

Please note. Our courses are supervised by a professional qualified tutor. Any work undertaken at home must be done with parental supervision and risk assessment as instructed.

Woodtech Orbiter TBA

Access requirements:

  • Nominally 13+

  • Satisfactory progress/safety record in attending Launch Pad.


This is typical of secondary school D&T KS4 (14-16) and uses power tools with sharp edges!

12 Weeks@£20/session.

6 Places available

Each block covers the basics; subsequent 6 week blocks can be attended to continue to study at this level and cement learning.

We cover:

  •  PT #2 - bench mounted machines - jigsaw, hand sander, bench sander, pillar drill

  • Fixings: various joints using machines including dowelling, finger joints dovetail joints

  • A small range of products to make using these tools.

  • Include other materials fixtures fittings etc and technologies

  • CAD CAM assisted marking 

  • Finishes, paints varnishes

You will be able to:

  • explore with wood - spend time making using what you have learned each session.

  • construct products to take home

Woodtech Voyager - waiting list only

  • Access requirements:

  • Nominally 16+ (A level)

  • Subject to satisfactory progress/safety record

  • 12 Weeks@£25/3 hour session


This provides an opportunity for independent study in various techniques.

We use light industrial tools with sharp edges!

Available when our new workshop is complete in 2022.​

  • 4 places available.

  • Additional fees for materials may be required depending on student ambition!!

  • Each block covers the basics; subsequent 6 week blocks can be attended to continue to study at this level and cement learning.

We cover:

  • Wood turning

  • Routing

  • Band-saw

  • CNC router

Woodtech Wonderers dates and times TBA please contact us

Access requirements

  • Nominally age 5-7 (Ks1)

  • £5/session

  • 10 spaces available by appointment April - September

  • parental supervision required.


This is a valuable awareness single session lasting 3 hours

We cover:

  • group walks around our fields. (parental supervision essential).

  • make collages and arty stuff with wood you gather  

  • create artifacts and sculptures

  • observe tree life - beetles and bugs that live in a tree

  • take pictures of trees/timber

  • picnic around a wood fire using what you have gathered -to heat your soup!