HE Techies

Mark Adams has 20 years experience teaching D&T and leading a D&T faculty in state education. He is also a product designer and amateur musician. He designs and produces his own products, maintains his own fleet of double basses and has restored two classic cars.

Woods, metals, plastics and textiles are the stuff of which things are made. The ability to craft these is not only useful, it develops many other skills and abilities. In HE Techies we seek to accommodate the unique patterns of each child's development so although groups are initially organised by age this may not necessarily be the determining factor as your child progresses with us.

Come on a journey to learn how to design, make and fix things. We run our courses with full awareness of safety procedures and appropriate attitudes. Projects are designed to develop skills and plenty of time is allowed for experimentation and independent learning and extension.


HE Techies goes much broader and deeper than you would experience in mainstream school for a given age and this is just one valid reason for HE for those who love design/engineering, creativity and just making lots and lots of stuff.

These initial sessions cover the basics of 'how to'. Subsequent regular attendance will facilitate greater individual autonomy and collaborative team work through bespoke projects.

Our site is currently in a state of renovation so the range of activities we can offer is limited. However our bus is fully equipped with CAD CAM which is essential to todays working methods and a great start in making quality products and we have a large marquee and fields in which to test our products.

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Techie #1 age 7-11     Fridays 10am-12pm.

Techie #2 age 11-14   Fridays 1-3pm please see booking page

Access requirements

  • parental assessment of your child's needs /clean safety record (for repeat attendees)

  • £15/session or £70 for block of 6.

  • your own transport to our site 

  • 4 spaces available due to temporary site restrictions (normally 6)

In these programmes you will learn:

  • to assemble our predesigned kits

  • to use computer software to customise our designs

  • to use computer software to design your own stuff

  • to make your own designs using the laser cutter (and 3D printer in Techie #2)

  • to finish your products to make quality artefacts suitable for purpose.

  • To use workshop tools, machines and processes safely as our facilities allow.

In all sessions we cover:

  • safety in the workshop, risk assessment, clothing, attitudes

  • the structure of materials and their properties, sustainability

  • design principles

  • making /manufacturing techniques

  • a range of hand and machine tools

  • power tools #1 -(secondary age)

  • real life applications of ideologies, principles, techniques and procedures 

  • opportunities for extension/personal study/group work/career/fame


All materials and tools included unless stated or agreed beforehand.

Charges may apply where children seek to use technologies like control/electronics that need to be purchased in addition to the materials used, or large scale projects with specialist materials such as aircraft building. We work in partnership with parents all the time so you won't get an unexpected bill!! We also seek sponsorship for scholarships.

Please note. Our courses are supervised by a professional qualified tutor. Any work undertaken at home must be done with parental supervision and risk assessment as instructed.