Aer0school Bookings 

In Aer0school you can

  • Learn design/engineering principles in this dynamic and topical context.

  • Explore though experiential kinaesthetic learning styles

  • Be part of a team in achieving challenging goals

  • Achieve CREST awards to Gold Level

Aer0nauts team has entered a prestigious national competition on three consecutive occasions. Aer0school is not just for budding engineers but great for anyone who likes to make and test things to destruction!


  • We use rapid making processes to speed up production and increase accuracy.

  • We use state of the art FPV and telemetry to analyse flight data and refine aerodynamics.

All facilities on one site including our own model airstrip.

Aer0school Launchpad age 11+ (click to see times and bookings)

Aer0school Orbiter- age 13+ follows Launchpad - 12 x 4 hour sessions (termly) £420

Aer0school Voyager- age 15+ follows Orbiter - Annual booking 36 x 4 hour sessions £1260

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