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We have run Aer0school now for five years. The accumulated skills and knowledge have enabled the team members to achieve CREST awards to Gold Level and win a prestigious national competition on three consecutive occasions. Aer0nauts is not just for budding engineers but great for anyone who likes to make and test things to destruction!


Time just flies by when you are designing and making aircraft, flying, crashing and watching the video!! We use rapid making processes to speed up production and increase accuracy. We use state of the art FPV and telemetry to analyse flight data and refine aerodynamics.

You will learn many many engineering principles that will be useful in any arena of innovative life. Learn to fly radio control and get onto the BMFA national achievement scheme. Relate what you learn to full size aircraft with visits to museums and aeronautical universities.


Like any football club Aer0school needs to be a commitment in your diary but the rewards are unique and exceptional. Contact us for a chat or a visit. Book a Launchpad session to make a range of small aeroplanes. Once you are sure its what you want then join us to do what you would find hugely difficult elsewhere - make things that fly competitively. Explore radio control and specialised functions such as flight stabilisation and auxiliary controls. Calculate optimum configurations for various service envelopes! All facilities on one site including our own model airstrip.

Aer0school Launchpad age 11+ (click to see times and bookings)

Aer0school Orbiter- age 13+ follows Launchpad - 12 x 4 hour sessions (termly) £420

Aer0school Voyager- age 15+ follows Orbiter - Annual booking 36 x 4 hour sessions £1260

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