STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is a wonderfully rich context in which to learn as it is so practically based and applicable to life. Kids love making things and some kids need more time to make things, test them to destruction and customise them in various ways. This is totally what we do. Computer Aided Design and Laser cutting can rapidly accelerate the process of designing and making as well as making multiples and to a high standard.

STEM is not an end in itself. Each subject of STEM is actually a tool by which to achieve something. 

We specialise in a Design application of STEM. This is a tried and tested process of communicating ideas, clarifying concepts and making decisions.  

In Design we:

  • first ask the client what they want to achieve

  • then we research solutions

  • if non exist we look to our own ideas which we develop with many prototypes and versions

  • we work out our resources and plan to make/create

  • we test it and make improvements

  • we use it and evaluate it and we start all over again if it doesn't work!

These are skills for life not just for exams!