Buggy Bonanza


This STEM loaded project "Downhill Racer" begins with learners assembling the racers after which they assemble the chassis and fit the axles and wheels. Once this is done they can run the racer down the track to obtain a speed and time. The remainder of the project is an incremental modification, testing cycle to explore different ways of reducing friction. You'd be amazed at the variety and complexity of some of the solutions learners develop in order to go that extra bit faster!

ATV 010.jpg

ATV is an all terrain vehicle that is based on a basic laser cut kit and a motor/gearbox combination. The challenge is to design the wheels to grip a variety of different surfaces. The winner in theory is the one that gets the best grip on the most surfaces! You'd be surprised at what patterns of tread actually have the best grip - it not a case of 'the most nobbly wins'!


Our rubber powered dragster, like all dragsters is about holding the power down to the road. No good just getting wheel spin. By modifying the wheels and  the way the rubber band behaves learners tackle a range of mechanical principles such as torque, ratios and weight distribution. 


A range of battery powered lighting units are incorporated into a wider range of products. Learners engrave and laser cut patterns to create lighting effects. This can be by digitising hand drawings or CAD work. The results are very pleasing and a useful gadget to have by the bedside at night!


Stencil Art 

18 19th april 015.jpg

Stencil art! Popularised by a famous graffiti artist this is a great way of stylising art work not to mention saving time!


A very popular way of learning CAD CAM is this method of making pictures as jigsaws. Each piece can be coloured or painted individually before setting in place which is great for those who experience difficulties with dexterity.

Once again, loads of variety and creative opportunities. You can build up a 3D picture this way with some objects in 'relief' from the background. 

Jigsaw Art