Think0nauts is a fun and challenging project group in which we explore design issues and solutions using the design process. This activity focusses on the interests of its members in which we do research and generate ideas communicating these using Miro boards.


We currently meet online on Mondays at 10:30 -12 

 Here's a comment from one of our current participants:

"Think0nauts is a fun, practical and social way of learning important life skills like design, creative thinking and problem solving. In between  Zoom sessions I enjoy thinking about, planning and working on the projects and have learned how to use Miro (a versatile virtual whiteboard). My favorite topics so far have been robot design, researching and analysing bikes and planning a theme park. I highly recommend Think0nauts to anyone aged 9 to 15 who wants to design and think creatively, while working on their own and with others.”


T#1 Gets the basics of communication and design philosophy based on our own interests.

Each session may be booked individually to allow you to drop in to see how you like it.

(For T#2 a block booking is required to facilitate continuity)

T#2 Starts to explore projects that benefit others. In the true spirit of self managed learning the current group are on a recruitment drive for their own course(!) - a project with practical and tangible outcomes where they are challenged to consider what they want to achieve and to give them strategies to achieve it.  So you may be reading this as a result of their successful advertising!

More comments from a past student about the face-to-face sessions:

Since 2016, I have enjoyed being part of the Time & Space family.

Time & Space is not just about learning & being creative, it is very much community centred.


When you first arrive, everyone is very warm & welcoming, and you quickly become part of the team.


No matter what you come here for, be it for building planes, taking piano lessons, for writing classes, recording something in the studio, or even just a place to hang out, you can rest assured that you’ll be welcomed, included & supported.


The most important word at Time & Space is RESPECT.

Every person is allowed to express their own opinions and discussion is encouraged; no one will tell you to “be quiet” or that: “you’re just here to learn."

All can share their ideas and teamwork is a vital part of the learning process.


The atmosphere is very relaxed, yet promotes a productive mindset; it allows people to be themselves, to flourish & to express their own ideas. Everyone is encouraged to be creative, to solve problems & to think outside the box.


At Time & Space you don’t just learn how to design, you also learn how to produce, operate machinery, plus various other design and manufacturing techniques.


Time & Space and the people there aren’t just friends, they’re family to me; and I am sure they’ll soon become like family to you too.


Think0nauts 2014. Car design consultancy ADP visited to help us consider the myriad contributory legal aspects to designing a car. Each student built a folded card frame structure that had to conform to a number of criteria. 


Think0nauts 2018. Participants made sailing boats from water-soluble structures that required water proofing. These were required to sail through a range of  turbulent water jets from the hot-tub powered only by sail. They then added controlled power systems of their choice including paddle wheels and hand-made screw propellers.

may 01e.jpg

Think0nauts 2013. Participants studied the need for solar panels to be as efficient as possible. They generated many ideas which included sun tracking systems and animal-wearable solar suits.

Our sessions were attended by the late Rex Garrod who is famous for his designing of 'Brum' Telly Tubbie technical effects and Dr Who's K9..