Self Managed Learning


This is an amazing area that we have been exploring for a decade now. We are part of a wider community of 'democratic learning' and constantly attending online seminars to do with this vital subject.


ALL learning is personally relevant and that there are as many of ways of doing it as there are people. Getting out of the 'box'; the constraints of our fear of failure; our comparing ourselves with others into a 'can-do' attitude of courage and adventure is dependent on our mindset. It's a process where we must be allowed to get bored, to struggle, to lose and fail without it being the end of the world. Its this process that schools can't tolerate and Home Educators learn to suffer because of what will emerge at the end. Identity, ownership, determination and character. You can't DO this to someone. No amount of square-bashing will develop self discipline - just blind obedience. We must all learn who we are.

Learning is a deeply personal thing.  The environment is key to this. Self Managed Learning can be very rewarding and is a skill that will carry throughout life and our goal is to help the learner engage with their learning. SML is the ability to identify what we need to know and having the strategies to find that information or experience. It's how we will live beyond school into adulthood and it is arguably the most important strategy to learn. Everything we do can begin with the question "how do we want this to be at the end?"

T&S supports Home Education - this can be challenging and quite costly in many ways but also absolutely wonderful! HE requires a different mindset to school - mainly that if you want to achieve something you need to get up and do it!! 


Many discover that their children learn much faster and deeper away from the classroom without distractions and interpersonal issues as the recent lockdowns have shown! Classrooms are really not ideal nor are large class sizes. However, some kids thrive with the challenges and opportunities in school.


T&S is not a school and we don't 'educate your kids' as schools try to do.

Our role is to facilitate your educating of your child by engendering self managed learning skills. 

CAD CAM is a great example of something that can be developed at home quite easily as well as in our sessions. Ultimately learning will happen anywhere and at any time  - outside of the box. If we have helped that happen then we have done our job.