1:1 Case Studies in Tech Support

We do not disclose learning needs or details of our students. In all these cases our students come to us from schools and training providers for specialist provision in accordance with their learning and emotional needs.


Year 9 Supported Project - a 2x scale downhill racer with suspension and full Ackerman steering! This was designed in laser cut layers and assembled by the student. The steering geometry was a study from the www on the correct geometry for the wheelbase. This has real application in every car on the road and looks so cool!


Year 10  Monster Truck MP3 amplifiers.

A little bit of competition here to design and coolest truck with the best wheels. Studies into location of the circuit board. Could easily work with the school towards a formal qualification. Circuit soldered from a kit by the students.

Year 11 Subaru amplifier/speaker.

Look at the skills required to finish this product. This is all about starting points - no need to have to sculpt the whole thing from a block of timber - let the laser cutter do the initial work and then spend time on the detail. (Car assembly parts kit was designed by the student from images online)

Post 16 Student with a hobby of making things at home to great degrees of accuracy decided he wanted to model an Aston Martin and a Range Rover using the laser cutter. He traced all the layers independently from photos and drawings resulting in multiple layers which he glued together and finished to a high standard. Much potential for employment as a modeller for the film industry.

KS4 Student

Enjoyed making plasticine characters.

He chose to make a stop motion movie for which he would make the characters and the scenery.