Elevate projects - Case Study KS4

Year 10  Monster Truck MP3 amplifiers.

A little bit of competition here to design and coolest truck with the best wheels. Studies into location of the circuit board. Could easily work with the school towards a formal qualification. Circuit soldered from a kit by the students.

Subaru amplifier/speaker.

Look at the skills required to finish this product. This is all about starting points - no need to have to sculpt the whole thing from a block of timber - let the laser cutter do the initial work and then spend time on the detail. (Car assembly parts kit was designed by the student from images online)

1:1 Supported Project - a 2x scale downhill racer with suspension and full Ackerman steering! This was designed in laser cut layers and assembled by the student. The steering geometry was a study from the www on the correct geometry for the wheelbase. This has real application in every car on the road and looks so cool!