1:1 Case Studies Introduction

1:1 for anyone

Just like any music tuition we charge by the hour. Want to record a music track? Make something in our workshop? Learn a practical skill? Adults and children alike: Please contact us for further info for 1:1 bookings.

Our 1:1 provision for Education is highly effective in delivering specialist skills to children and young adults alike. Whether home educated or in school, our provision is proven to restore and develop confidence in youngsters.



Whilst we do not solely work with those who struggle in mainstream school, (often with diagnoses of SEN, poor attendance, self harm) our provision is universal because it focusses on aspects of education that receive little or no celebration in mainstream setting and yet are core to life, wellbeing and independent learning and their achievement.


High Achievers

In particular we have found many with augmented cognition of dynamics, scientific principles and technology that to be honest will not be covered by National Curriculum for many years hence. They can best be described as 'bored' in school and not a little frustrated.



Whilst we cater for 10-19 we are working with even younger that in areas other than literacy and numeracy are extremely high functioning.


Provision that engenders capability in literacy and numeracy

What we can do is provide personalised contexts into which to develop the appetite for literacy and numeracy skills - using resources not available in the home or school setting.


Some children may lack confidence, be highly sensory and find the mainstream setting a very challenging environment. This may accompany ASD but the child may simply need a weekly break from the hubbub of school or the home! Our creative resources include photographic/video /music facilities which combined with our wonderful site provide opportunities for creativity in a peaceful context. Once 1:1 has established trust and confidence these children may well attend groups to collaborate with others. We know that this also improves many other aspects of life.