About Us

  • Time and Space Learning was set up in 2012 by Mark and Bev Adams to provide Alternative Educational Provision for schools students, many with SEND. We have since opened to Home Educators and a wide variety of children and young adults who struggle to access learning in school or who have their own learning program at home.

  • We are a creative learning community with a Christian ethos

  • We have enjoyed a very high success rate of motivating learners and restoring courage in learners many of whom are very high achieving.

  • Having moved from Suffolk to a farm site in Northamptonshire we are developing our farm site to expand our outdoor and kinasthetic range of activities and are exploring the development of the agricultural aspect of the farm for sustainable ecology.

  • Key to our provision is our 1984 Coach that we have equipped with our CAD CAM suite so as to tour our provision while we develop the site. 

  • Our staff are passionate about well-being in learning; that it should be the most fulfilling experience in life!  We comprise professional teachers and parents with many years of experience.